Fact: HBO Go Passwords Belong to the World


There’s a fake PSA that features parents, siblings and ex-boyfriend’s cousins lovingly telling people to stop mooching off their HBO Go accounts. Don’t listen to these assholes. Hoard all the passwords you can find and never let them go.

“We love you, but we’ve supported you long enough,” says one person playing a concerned mom. The video, courtesy of Mashable, was obviously shot in jest, but in reality parents barely notice your rampant abuse of their HBO, Netflix, Showtime and Starz accounts.

All that premium TV must be watched by someone and it’s gonna be you. It’s gonna be us. Is any of this new to you? No. HBO’s CEO basically said “Whatever” and gave people carte blanche to steal all the passwords we want because it “has no impact on the business.”

So go forth and binge-watch all the Game of Thrones and shitty Girls episodes your lonely, anti-social heart desires.

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Image via HBO

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