Frank Ocean's Cover of 'Moon River' Is a Kick in the Emotions


Frank Ocean released a cover of Johnny Mercer’s “Moon River” on Valentine’s Day, in case you weren’t already sobbing in the shower while eating discount chocolate.

Is there a word for that feeling when you’re seeing both your past and your future at once, and you know that in order to embrace that future you will have to let go of so many things that made you who you are, including the people you love and who were able to love you, despite your flaws, and in doing so you may be swept away from them forever with no guarantee that there’s anything better ahead, but if you stay you’ll be cutting yourself off from who you’re becoming?

Or for that phenomenon of meeting someone and maybe sharing a special night or day with them (maybe one that becomes sexual, maybe not), and you can never recreate it, it’s just like this jewel of an experience set in the crown of your life that you can’t even really explain the significance of and if you tried it would tarnish the gleam but you know it’s there shining inside you?

What about when you realize suddenly that you have crossed over some invisible line into true adulthood and understand there are certain paths you can never take now, and though it’s bittersweet you wouldn’t redo anything because you it brought you to where you are?

Maybe in German?

Anyway, all those feelings are in this song. Enjoy.

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