Gabrielle Giffords Looks Happy, Vibrant In Newly Released Photos


Representative Gabrielle Giffords’ camp has released two photos of the Congresswoman looking vibrant and happy just months after a near-fatal gunshot wound to the head. The pictures were posted on Giffords’ facebook page this morning.

Seeing Giffords smiling and happy as she continues to recover from her injuries conjures up the contrasting images of her attacker, Jared Lee Loughner, who earlier this month was deemed unfit for trial due to diminished mental capacity. In his mug shot, he’s grinning unsettlingly at the camera, disturbed and violent. Here, Giffords looks strong and determined, resilient in the face of the best efforts of a deeply disturbed person to stop her.

In a world where Two and a Half Men gets more than twice the ratings of Parks & Recreation, where Glenn Beck is a millionaire and Paul Wellstone is dead, it’s nice to remember that in the realm of stuff that actually Matters, Good sometimes wins. Best of luck to Representative Giffords in her continued recovery.

First Gabrielle Giffords Photos Released Since Shooting [Time]

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