George Bush Is Painting Kitties and It Makes Me Feel So Many Things


So, George W. Bush is painting cats now. First it was dogs, “over 50” dogs. Then it was a cow-horse, a watermelon, and a quiet golf course landscape rich with longing. And now, reportedly, Bush is moving into his “Cat Period.” He painted this cat. It is cute. And janky. And wonderful. Like an 8th-grader made it. It has attitude. And if I don’t take some drastic psychological measures right this instant, I’m going to have to PRINT THIS SHIT OUT AND STICK IT UP ON MY FRIDGE AND THAT WOULD BE MESSED UP, YOU GUYS. Which raises the question…my god…do I like the Bush family?

I don’t. I really don’t. Not GW, anyway. I can’t. The 2000 election was the first year I was eligible to vote, and that was some disillusioning shit. Not to mention the ensuing DECADE of oppressive, deadly garbage that came with Bush’s election.


He’s painting cats now.


He’s an old retired gentleman who paints.


I feel 99% certain that he’s doing this whole painting thing just to manipulate me. Not to mention Babs Jr. gallivanting around with her “graffiti artist lover” who “paints in his underwear.” Is this really happening? Am I really such a malleable simpleton!?!?!? Do I like the Bushes now, because of a cat?

Somebody please talk me down.

Photo via Twitter.

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