Glenn "Lying Sack Of Dog Mess" Beck Gets Hell From View Panel

Glenn Beck sat in for Hot Topics on The View today, but the Fox News commentator never got the chance to talk about anything except Barbara and Whoopi’s beef with him. It gets better!

They had to do two segments for Glenn, because in the first one the women railed on him for making up a story about them on his radio show. Then Babs asked him if he ever checks his facts, and he said no! (Not very surprising, though.) He immediately felt attacked, particularly when Barbara questioned him about when he cries on the air. He came back at her by saying that he was on the “quintessential chick show,” and how dare she make fun of him for crying. It would turn out his tears are no match for the saltiness of Barbara Walters and the other “chicks.”

Here is how the whole fight got started:

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