Groan: GoDaddy to Air Real Woman Quitting Job During Super Bowl


GoDaddy, taking a break from their usual marketing of casual sexism, is using the Super Bowl to give one woman the career ruining opportunity of a lifetime. During the game, the company will air an ad featuring one REAL LIFE woman quitting her job. FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO SEE!

Capitalizing on the success of Marina Shifrin’s wildly viral “I Quit” video that took the internet by storm last September, the ad will — according to Today Money — give viewers “who’ve ever fantasized about telling their manager to ‘shove it,’ but never had the guts,” the “chance to experience it vicariously.”

The only way I will be doing any living vicariously through this commercial is if the real woman quitting is Danica Patrick and the thing she is quitting is her GoDaddy spokesmanship.

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