Hannah Montana Is Hazardous To Your Health

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  • Miley Cyrus might make you want to puke: Hannah Montana Chocolate Granola Bars have been recalled due to suspected salmonella contamination. [Perez]
  • Natasha Richardson suffered a serious head injury in a ski accident and has been hospitalized in Montreal. Husband Liam Neeson has rushed to her side. [People]
  • Oh, no: Natasha Richardson is in critical condition. As you may know, she is the eldest daughter of Vanessa Redgrave; her sister Joely Richardson is also an actress, best known for Nip/Tuck. Natasha Richardson has been in A Month in the Country, Nell, The Parent Trap and Maid in Manhattan. [Yahoo News via AP]
  • DJ AM is seeking $10 million in medical costs, lost earnings and damages, plus $10 million for mental and physical pain after the September plane crash in which he and Travis Barker were the only survivors. [People]
  • Psychiatrist Khristine Eroshevich turned herself in to police Monday, facing charges of excessively prescribing drugs to Anna Nicole Smith. she’s out on bail. [AP]
  • Fox’s Roger Friedman on Julia Roberts: “She was rude, downright nasty, and dismissive. She snubbed me in front of other people to make her point… Her behavior was unexpected and chilling.” Apparently she knows Friedman as “the man who writes bad things about me.” [Fox 411 ]
  • Mickey Rourke is in a Russian prison… Doing research for his Iron Man role. [Daily Mail]
  • If you didn’t get a chance to audition for ANTM because of the stampede in NYC on Saturday, don’t fret! Tyra says: “We are doing everything we can to make sure that ALL the girls who weren’t seen get an opportunity to audition — we’ll update you on our plans very soon.” Sorta hoping they call it America’s Next Top Model Who Can’t Reach The Top Shelf. [US Magazine]
  • Amy Winehouse is planning a “heart-to-heart” with estranged husband Blake Fielder-Civil. Her dad says: “I want her to get divorced.” Tell us how you really feel! [The Star]
  • Amy Winehouse‘s dad also says: “Amy wants to resolve the situation. She’s guilty of loving him, stupid girl.” That’s her own father, calling her stupid. [The Sun]
  • Since Amy Winehouse has visa issues which ban her from coming to the U.S., she is headed back to the Caribbean. She’ll headline the 18th Annual St. Lucia Jazz festival in May. The Minister of Tourism is thrilled and says “She’s welcome to stay as long as she wants to.” [Yahoo News via E!]
  • But uh, Amy Winehouse is still facing an assault charge from back in September, so she needs to deal with that first. [Mirror]
  • The Daily (Hate) Mail has printed pictures of Jesus Luz‘s ex-girlfriends and pointed out that they are “younger and prettier” than Madonna. Rude! [Daily Mail]
  • By the by, Guy Ritchie had dinner with Elle Macpherson. [Daily Mail]
  • Here is a photograph of Prince William helping out in a kitchen at a homeless charity, “following in his mother’s footsteps.” He looks genuinely happy. [Daily Mail]
  • Clive Owen was asked who would win in a battle of wits: Himself or Julia Roberts? “She would, because she’s very smart,” he said. She agreed: “I would. It’s just me,” Julia said. “I have my tricks.” [USA Today]
  • There’s a naked Lithuanian model on top of Zac Efron in the new Interview magazine, FYI. Zac and the young lady rolled around in dirt for the photo shoot and Zac says, without irony: “I got pretty dirty by the end of it, so that was fun. It was definitely different from anything I had ever done before.” [Just Jared]
  • Cops are going to interview Calum Best after a woman claims she was raped by his friend while he slept just a few feet away. [The Sun]
  • Heath Ledger directed two music videos before his death; one for Modest Mouse and one for Grace Woodroofe. Both will be released this year. [Hollywood Reporter]
  • Steve-O is the latest contestant to be injured on Dancing With The Stars. Does the show pay medical bills? [UPI]
  • Portia de Rossi is still not pregnant, and not trying, despite what the weeklies are saying. [People]
  • Sacha Baron Cohen tricked the Alabama National Guard into giving him a military uniform and letting him train — possibly for a scene for Bruno. A young cadet recognized him — maybe when he exposed his thong while changing — and alerted superiors. A staff sergeant is calling the incident an “embarrassment,” but it sound like a security risk. [AP]
  • Carson Daly‘s girlfriend Siri Pinter has given birth to their son, Jackson James Daly. [UPI]
  • Guy Ritchie will direct a remake of The Wild Geese, “with a budget that will buy him some real star names.” The original flick had Richard Burton, Richard Harris and Roger Moore; who will be the new trio? [Telegraph]
  • Will Matt Damon be Jason Bourne again? Signs point to yes. [Guardian]
  • Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber are both playing spies, but in different films. [Telegraph]
  • Brad Pitt‘s film company, Plan B, is producing a flick based on John Le Carré’s book The Night Manager. [Variety]
  • Alex Rodriguez is seen kissing himself in a mirror in the new issue of Details. [NY Post]
  • Jon Stewart‘s brother — who is head of US Markets & Global Technology at NYSE Euronext — helped him kick Jim Cramer’s ass. [Page Six]
  • No one is watching Kings or Celebrity Apprentice. [AdAge]
  • Creators of Family Guy won a lawsuit which made it okay to turn the song “When You Wish Upon A Star into “I Need A Jew.” [Reuters]
  • It’s tough to believe that villagers are living in fear of Pete Doherty moving to their town, but that is the headline here. [The Sun]
  • There seem to be “two strapping young lads locking lips” on the cover of Bob Dylan‘s new album. This paper calls the photo “controversial.” A commenter writes, “ha ha ha whats the issue?” [The Sun]
  • Speaking of Bob Dylan, “Malibu residents say wind-borne odors from a portable toilet at the singer’s compound are making them ill.” [LA Times]
  • Tons of Elvis stuff has gone up in an online auction — bids as low as ten bucks! [Reuters]
  • “Tori is my daughter, and I love her. I wish her all the best with the publication of her new book… I never read her first one because my friends and family advised me against it. They said it would hurt my feelings, so I decided to pass. I won’t read her new one either.” — Candy Spelling, who moved the publication date of her book up two weeks so that it wouldn’t hit stores on the same date as Tori’s new book. [Us Magazine]
  • “She’s a little dictator. Definitely the most colorful person I’ve ever met. I feel so connected to her, but at the same time, we are completely different. I discover something new about her every day.” — Salma Hayek, on her daughter, Valentina. [Mirror]
  • “It’s so sad that there’s such an invasion of privacy, with camera people, cops and paparazzi outside their home. I mean, when have you not thrown something when you’re mad? Everyone has to admit that at one time in their life, they’ve gotten so mad that they’ve thrown something, but maybe not necessarily breaking a window. Can’t people have an argument without everyone watching? Just because she had an argument, I don’t think it means that she’s off track and that everything is crazy. It’s really just messed up that everyone blames her. I think everyone needs to let her breathe.” — Kim Kardashian on Lindsay Lohan. [People]
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