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Hello, Millihelen

As you may recall, Helen of Troy was super hot. Like, the hottest. She was the daughter of Leda, a human woman, and Zeus, a god who took the form of a swan to impregnate Leda. (???) Later, Helen was *hatched* from a bird’s egg. Her face was the one that “launched a thousand ships,” which is a metaphor for boners. Or it’s a reference to her mountains of suitors and the fleets they brought with them to impress her in Troy. (On her Wikipedia page there is a list naming each of her gentleman callers and how many boats they owned.) Or it may have had something to do with war? If only we could ask the dude who said it. He’s dead.

Anyways! Helen was so hot. She was also A FUCKING MYTH.

Welcome to Millihelen, your new favorite beauty and style site that does not take itself too seriously and is not solely created by or aimed at pretty young things. A millihelen is a humorous unit of measure: the amount of beauty it takes to launch just one ship. We hope you’ll enjoy our irreverent take on the beauty world. We’ll be doing makeovers, makeunders, DIY projects, advice, shopping lists, experiments, reviews, and all kinds of nonsense. The Milli even commissioned a theme song, which is a thing all blogs should have to do from now on.

Thanks to DJ Ayres for the mashup and to Dean Fleischer-Camp for the image up top. It’s available for purchase in poster form. Site logo by Jim Cooke.

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