Here's the Final, Apparently Not Excessively Photoshopped Video for Meghan Trainor's 'Me Too'


In what was either a very successful marketing tactic, or a very ironic twist for a song whose lyrics include “I can’t help loving myself,” Meghan Trainor’s video for “Me Too” has been released following her claims that the original video had her body not looking quite right.

As promised, Trainor shared the before and afters (or would it be afters and befores?) on Instagram.

On Howard Stern this morning, Trainor admitted that she saw the video before hand, but suggests that she just didn’t notice it had been altered past her demands.

I asked [the music video producers], ‘hey, can you hide my mustache and take off my mole-hair … those close-ups, you never know. So I just asked them to do that, but I never said ‘cut off my rib. So I saw screenshots that the fans were taking on Instagram, and I was like, ‘why are the fans messing with my waist?’ And I was like, that’s not the fans, that’s my video. And I must have not even seen it. But I studied that video.

“I called the God of Vevo, I was like, yo,” Trainor continued, repeating the joke she made yesterday about how she got it down. “I called every head of label—L.A. Reid, Sylvia Rhone—I called all of them and said: ‘Take this video down. I don’t care what it takes, take it down.’”

“I’m the poster child for no Photoshop! That is my thing!” she continued. “And I was skinnier than those dancers, who are also very skinny. So when you do that, everyone knows that ain’t real.”

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