Here's To You, Mrs Robinson: Chuck Bass Stars In Bazaar's "Gossip Graduate"


Ever lusted after a younger man? Take a look at “The Gossip Graduate” fashion spread in the March issue of Bazaar: Helena Christensen, 40, gets up close and personal with Chuck Bass Ed Westwick, 21.

The fact that SJP is on the cover is actually quite apropos; this photo shoot may make you actually miss Sex And The City. Or at least Samantha.

Mrs. Robinson, are you trying to seduce me?”

“Yes, and I shouldn’t have to try this hard. I am a leggy Danish supermodel, after all.”

“After your tennis lesson, I want you to come straight home without showering, you understand? And what’s with the jeans? You know you’re supposed to wear those tiny shorts I bought you.”

“We have to hurry and do this before my husband gets home. But is there any chance you can call your boyf — I mean, roommate — Chace, and get him over here?”

Raise your hand if you find this very, very, hot.

File under: Women To Go Lezebel For.

Tough to see here, but there’s a cherry in his mouth and a stem in hers. If you’re old like me you’ll recall that episode of Twin Peaks that changed the way you thought about cherry stems. If you’re not, ask somebody.

The benefits of having a boytoy: You get final say in wardrobe approval. And hot sex.

Unlike the movie, this story has a happy ending: Mrs. Robinson and her young beau live happily ever after, or at least until dawn.

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