Here's What Ads Would Look Like With Diverse Bodies


I am loving this “Lustworthy” photo series from Jes Baker of The Militant Baker and photographer Liora K. It’s bold, gorgeous, and exactly what we need.

From The Militant Baker:

Never in our culture do we see sexy photo shoots that pair nontraditional bodies with traditionally attractive models. It’s socially acceptable for same to be paired with same, but never are the different types of bodies positively mixed in the world of advertisement. In projects like “Attractive and Fat“, the juxtaposition of uncommonly paired bodies caused viewers to feel uncomfortable, and so it must be addressed again. This negative reaction is largely attributed to companies that capitalize on the thought that atypical bodies are not attractive, desirable or lust worthy. This is inaccurate, and the only way to shift the way we view ourselves is to repeatedly counter exclusionary imagery with positive inclusive imagery.

It’s true. We’re bombarded with ads featuring “perfect” (read: conventionally attractive, white, thin, able-bodied) people and sometimes we don’t even think about it. Advertisements, for basically everything, feed us this warped idea of a world that doesn’t exist. Hell, even the dog food I buy has a skinny white woman on the bag.

I love that these faux ads mix it up! The more we see images featuring diverse faces and bodies, the more we become comfortable with them. Put it in our faces and make us deal with it until it’s not a thing anymore. Plus, if Lustworthy were an actual perfume, I’d spray that shit all over my fat rolls and this whole place would smell like a very sensual donut. (I naturally smell like donuts; I blame the curse a bakery witch (played by Bernadette Peters) put on my my great-great-grandfather. He was an ass.)

[Liora K Photography Facebook]

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