Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova Posts 'Makeup-Free' Selfies


The last time we caught up with Valeria Lukyanova, the woman who has become famous for her quest to look like Barbie, she was feuding with human Ken and saying some pretty offensive shit about feminism and “race-mixing.” Now, Lykyanova has made headlines again by posting makeup free selfies.

The model and singer, who has recently claimed that she’s stopped eating and is surviving on cosmic micro-food alone, rarely appears without her makeup or her signature contact lenses, which give her eyes their sky-blue hue. But recently, Lukyanova posted a batch of Facebook photos in which she appears much less Barbie-like as she poses in her bathroom and goes to the gym (I can’t imagine that much makeup being comfortable as you give it your all on the elliptical).

Of course, the photos don’t appear to be completely makeup free (please tell me no one’s skin just looks good like that on its own), but the foundation and eye shadow she has on in these photos are a far cry from the regular amount of makeup Lukyanova is regularly seen sporting. And without it, she doesn’t look like Barbie at all.

While each of the over 100 photos Lukyanova posted this week have garnered hundreds of likes, some of her fans are more concerned with her living situation than her transformation. At the top of the comment on the above photo — winning over both comments supporting Lukyanova’s natural photos and comments demanding that people stop commenting — is a missive from a fan that simply reads “your out off toilet paper … just saying ..”

I guess even Barbie has to go to the bathroom.

Images via Facebook

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