Ignore the Rumor About Adam Driver Supposedly Assaulting a Woman With a Folding Chair, It Was a Mistranslation

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Ignore the Rumor About Adam Driver Supposedly Assaulting a Woman With a Folding Chair, It Was a Mistranslation
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Big tall hunk man Adam Driver is in the news again (if we count Just Jared as “the news”) because of something about a woman named Lidia Franco who said he either did or did not assault her with a folding chair?

Here’s what I think happened: Driver and Franco appeared together in Terry Gilliam’s 2018 film The Man Who Killed Don Quixote and, from what I have read (not much!) did not get along very well on set. Franco gave an interview to a Portuguese magazine about her experience working with Driver. Poorly-translated quotes from Franco circulated on Twitter (please, why), and those quotes made it sound like Franco was accusing Driver of assaulting her with a folding chair. Franco also apparently said that Adam wouldn’t let any of the production crew look him in the eyes on set, which the production team has denied, but I am willing to believe a little more than the other thing, if only because Adam Driver is talented, but seems like the kind of person who would do this shtick and call it “art.”

Anyway! It appears that Adam Driver didn’t actually assault Franco with a folding chair and that whoever on Twitter was getting their panties in a twist about this should respectfully stand down. Though Driver has yet to say a goddamn word (hello, sir?) about any of this, Franco gave another interview to a magazine clarifying what she meant:

Our characters, in the movie The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, had to be physically close. I considered the actor’s behavior to be rude because, in the preparation of a scene, he didn’t take the care I believe he should have taken. Our characters had to be physically close and, every time he stood up with the force of the character to do the rest of the scene, the chair in which he was sitting would bump into me with some force, which bothered me.”
Lidia said that Adam repeated the same behavior, despite her being uncomfortable. She admits that in the original interview that went viral, she was “venting,” but “with no intention to bring any harm.”
“It wasn’t assault, nor did I ever feel or report that it was the intention of the actor. I am sorry for the misunderstanding,” she said.

As LaineyGossip already summarized nicely, it sounds like Adam Driver is kind of an asshole and that while this whole situation was just a case of mistranslation and misunderstanding, there’s still room for Adam Driver to be kind of an asshole. [Just Jared]

Man, okay, not much else going on out there, so I bring this: Gwen Stefani is bad at TikTok, I guess?


#bubblepopelectric gx #bringit showmeyours!! gx

♬ Bubble Pop Electric – Gwen Stefani

This is the evidence, above. I don’t know what she was trying to do here, some sort of trend involving a filter? Anyway, it seems like someone on TikTok called this a “fail” and Gwen sassed them right back, saying ”Thank u for calling me out you’re right!!! TickTock is not for me but help yourself to my music and enjoy!! wait… am i a celebrity??” on her Instagram story.

I… ok. Gwen Stefani is obviously a celebrity, I don’t think anyone here is disputing that. My main issue? Celebrities like Gwen Stefani don’t necessarily belong on TikTok because thirsty celebrities—yes, all of them are thirsty, it’s the nature of the job, but Gwen particularly so—are often much more embarrassing on that platform than anywhere else. Celebrities who are not thirsty, like Mick Fleetwood, are good at TikTok. (Techincally, Mick Fleetwood joining the platform after that man with the cranberry juice did skateboard time to “Dreams” is thirsty, but his output after is so minimal that it’s excused.)

Here’s a good example of a celebrity doing a TikTok:


Just for fun 😎 #zztop #sharpdressedman #winterfashion #fyp #Rumours

♬ Sharp Dressed Man (2019 Remaster) – ZZ Top

That’s nice! Be like Mick Fleetwood. Thank you. [Hollywood Life]

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