Is It Just Us, Or Was The Zac Posen Line Totally Bizarre?


Zac Posen‘s show was apparently inspired by Marchesa Casati and Comtesse Jacqueline de Ribes. The first part we see, since it’s basically just code for surrealism-tinged exhibitionism? But we wonder how La Comtesse feels about see-through jumpsuits in her name.

In the spirit of, if you can’t say anything nice, we do love this metallic kerchief necklace.

The gowns were, in fact, interesting and often beautiful.

And the combination of knits and flowing silks could be beautiful and interesting.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what “wearable” means, but I’m fairly sure this is the opposite.

The Rorschach-style design gives the casual passerby something to look at, you see.

There’s the Marchesa reference, for those keeping score. Schiap is smiling somewhere surreal.

Anyone else thinking “Icarus?”

[Images via AP.]

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