Is Minnie Driver Throwing Baby Food Jars Filled With Black Paint at Her Neighbor's House? Maybe!

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Minnie Driver, best known for her performance as “Them Apples” in 1997’s Good Will Hunting, has been sued by her neighbor, 74-year-old Daniel Perelmutter, for emptying out baby food jars, filling them with black paint, and throwing them at Perelmutter’s house. If you need to take a moment and reread that first sentence, I understand. Read it three or four times!

Ready to move on? Good. TMZ has likened this battle to the one between the Hatfields and McCoys, and honestly they’re not far off. Since their “land dispute” began some time ago, Perelmutter has been accused of telling Driver to “fuck off and die” and blowing cigar smoke in her kids’ faces. Driver, the younger and more agile combatant, has been accused of attempting to run Perelmutter “over with her car.” And now, he says she’s chuckin’ paint jars at his house.

Writes TMZ:

In the docs, Perelmutter says Driver’s made it impossible for him to finish construction on his home, and her obscenity-laced tirades are stressing him out — a serious issue, since he says he’s had a heart transplant.
Daniel’s asking the court to remove the electronic gate he used to share with Minnie because she’s cut off his access. He also says she’s thrown construction materials on his property and blocked in his workers for up to 8 hours — not to mention those baby food paint grenades.

Why do we care about Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne battling Chloe Grace Moretz when this exists?


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That’s for you to decide.


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