It's The Side-of-The-Building Thing That Troubles Us.


Former Queer Eye queen Carson Kressley is extending his 15 minutes of fame thanks to a deal with Lifetime Television in which he’ll host the American version of How to Look Good Naked.

According to Daily Variety, the show

…focuses on one woman in each half-hour episode who hates her body so much that she wants a complete makeover. Goal is to change the woman’s perception of herself without resorting to interventions like plastic surgery, dieting or exercise.

Despite the fact that there are no apparently plans to include self-hating men in the mix (we know they’re out there), we were kind of liking the description of the show, which presented the series as a less-exploitative version of your usual makeover show. The anti-Swan, if you will. But then we read this part:

The women who choose to participate in the British series, said Jessica Samet, senior VP of reality programming for Lifetime, agree early on to allow their picture to be taken in underwear, with the image then projected on the side of a building. Samet said it’s usually a revelation to them when passersby, asked to evaluate the larger-than-life projection, shower praise on various aspects of their figure.

Lifetime TV: Still objectifying after all these years.

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