Jennifer Aniston Is at Maybe 20% Theron in the Trailer for Cake

For months, we’ve been hearing about Jennifer Aniston’s complete transformation for her role in the movie Cake. And by complete transformation, I mean she doesn’t wear pretty make up (she wears ugly makeup) and she stopped exercising regularly for the film, which basically makes her, um, a regular-ass person. She has truly mastered her craft.

Cake tells the story of a ghost played by Anna Kendrick who makes cakes for people a woman with chronic pain who attends a support group and something something something Sam Worthington. Aniston’s performance has been lauded with some comparing her work to that of Charlize Theron in Monster. I mean, that’s a pretty tall order there. The movie does look good, so I suppose I would agree that Cake is probably Aniston’s Monster but that’s more a proportional comparison.

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