Jersey Shore Needs To Be Done With Sam & Ron


Last night’s episode was so boring. The hour crawled by as we watched an unhappy Sam tossing her hair, talking about Ron, and having a tenuous grasp on the definition of “done.” I’d rather watch Angelina fart on Snooki.


Why must the editors focus on the Sammi/Ronnie love story. To me, it seems like there’s not really love, much less a story going on. Please just focus on anything else. They have this cast of characters who are entertaining to watch in completely mundane situations, like walking down the street, ironing jeans, adjusting breasts in a shirt, tying shoelaces, or playing with indeterminate animal statues that cause vaginal discomfort. MTV paid top dollar for this cast to return so that they could edit it down to the Sammi and Ronnie show? BORING!

Actually, it’s more entertaining to hear how JWoww and Snooki are “done” with Sam and Ronnie being “done.” And I believe them way more.

And you know what would be even more interesting? If they actually included Ron’s increasingly obvious candycaine problem. Who takes a cab to the same club that everyone else walked to, and then gets there last?

A person who had swing by the dealer’s house first. Just sayin’.

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