Joe Francis In Trouble With The Law (Again)


Isn’t it weird how Joe Francis keeps being surrounded by lying bitches who accuse him of being at best as asshole and at worst a criminal? It’s almost as if they go out and look for poor, innocent Joe.

That, at least, is the Girls Gone Wild creator’s contention about his latest arrest, for which he turned himself in. The Los Angeles City Attorney has charged him with three counts of false imprisonment., one count of dissuading a witness from reporting and one count of assault causing great bodily injury. In January, three women were celebrating their college graduation; one says Francis grabbed her and took her to his limo, and her friends followed. They say the bodyguard showed them a fake sheriff’s badge to prevent them from leaving. According to E!, ”

A physical altercation ensued when the limo reached his residence, whereupon Francis is accused of pulling one of the women away from the others and then grabbing another by the throat and hair. Shortly afterward, the women claim,they were escorted off the property and told by Francis & Co. that if they called the cops, they wouldn’t pay for a taxi. Ultimately, the women did get a cab and called 911 as soon as they were safely away.

Francis told E!, “I’m tired of my name being dragged in the mud. People will read this stuff and believe it…This [the fight] was the most classless, ghetto, crazy thing I have ever seen. As disgusting as girls could ever be. I’m embarrassed that I had them in my car. The girls were in their 20s, college grads.” We hereby accept uncritically all of Joe Francis’s pronouncements on classiness.

Girls Gone Wild Guy Joe Francis Briefly Back in the Clink [E Online]

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