John Oliver Taunts Jon Stewart About How Great Life Is at HBO


Last night, John Oliver made a surprise return to his old Daily Show stomping grounds to complain about their current representation of British people (Jessica Williams in a monocle) and rub in how great life has been since leaving the show to produce and host Last Week Tonight at the magical TV land (where you can swear and show boobs!) known as HBO.

“I’m only doing one show a week now and you know what that means,” Oliver bragged to his former boss Jon Stewart. “I get to go outdoors everyday…and instead of being stuck in the office, I get to see my, um…wife! and I’ve been doing that thing where you lie down on a cushion and everything goes black for 8 hours…Sleep!”

The taunts about his new and improved lifestyle didn’t stop there.

“Paid cable is amazing! No advertisers! You can do whatever you want,” he rubbed in. “…HBO will let me say whatever the fuck I want.”

Of course, Comedy Central had to bleep his swearing out, but over at HBO, Oliver can say fucking anything that he wants.

Pretty stoked for Last Week Tonight, guys.

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