Johnny Depp's Dogs Aren't Dead


In one of the weirder celebrity stories of 2015, the dogs that Johnny Depp illegally brought to Australia are going to be alright.

As we reported previously, Depp brought his two Yorkshire terriers to Australia to film the latest Pirate’s movie, but didn’t quarantine them for 10 days to protect the nation’s animals from potential diseases, as is the law. Because of this, the government said that if the dogs weren’t removed by Saturday, they’d be killed.

That’s the grim start of a very weird made-for-televison movie. In any case, Barnaby Joyce, Australia’s Minister for Agriculture, has clarified that the dogs have been removed, in perhaps the best way possible.

(The hashtag #WarOnTerrier was also being used.)

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports:

An official media statement later said an officer from the Agriculture Department escorted the dogs — Boo and Pistol — from the mansion where Depp was staying on the Gold Coast to the airport for their flight home.
“Two dogs that were brought into Australia without meeting our import requirements have now been exported back to their country of origin,” Mr Joyce said in the statement.
“The department issued the necessary export documentation and correspondence to the relevant veterinary authority to facilitate the repatriation of the dogs.
“All costs associated with returning the dogs were met by the owners.”

It’s not all over for Depp though; he has to handle a “formal interview” about how he got the dogs into the country anyway. “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?” he’ll drunkenly slur to Australia’s government. “JACK SPARROW.”

Image via Koki Nagahama/Getty

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