Judge Renews Britney Spears Conservatorship Until August, at Least

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Judge Renews Britney Spears Conservatorship Until August, at Least

Britney Spears’s legal affairs gained renewed attention in 2019, after a series of high-profile courtroom visits put her conservatorship back in the spotlight: her allegedly forced institutionalization, a court-ordered mental health evaluation, a restraining order against her father brought by ex Kevin Federline, the stripping of her custody agreement with Federline, and ultimately, her father’s temporary removal as her conservator. In the time since, protests have sprung up questioning the conservatorship’s efficacy, as well as the ethical quandary of controlling someone’s life. Now, a judge has postponed a hearing on the continuation of her conservatorship until at least August.

Us Weekly reports that, according to recently filed court documents, Britney’s temporary conservator Jodi Montgomery will retain her place as the arbiter of Britney’s life and household until August. Until then, according to Us Weekly, “Montgomery has the power to restrict and limit Britney’s visitors, retain caretakers and security guards on a 24-hour basis, communicate with Britney’s medical team,” as well as maintain “full access” to her psychiatric files and testing.

Coinciding with the extension of her conservatorship are longstanding rumors that Britney is privately railing against the strict confines of her current legal status. As previously reported, sources claim she planned to “fight” for her children, and the retention of her former custody agreement, a plan most likely stalled because of the ongoing shutdown. She also announced a permanent hiatus from the music industry, a move corroborated last year by her manager as well as her son in a recent Instagram Live video. And while she’s publicly adopted an attitude in opposition to the conspiracy theorists that routinely flood her Instagram comments, sources tell Us Weekly that she has retreated from public life precisely because of the boundaries placed around her by her conservatorship, including her pop career.

In the meantime, while we wait to see what August brings, there’s always that mysterious gym fire to ponder! [Us Weekly]

Kate Beckinsale and Goody Grace are still shacked up. Sources tell People that they are as obsessed with each other as ever, and Kate thinks her new boo is “mature, smart and creative.” He sings her songs on his guitar; she cooks; he lies around on her plush, white furniture smoking weed and watching DVDs from her movie collection (that came out before he was even born). What an idyllic way to spend the shutdown!

As previously reported, Beckinsale and Grace were first spotted out and about in January, where they club hopped late at night with some friends. As sources stress to People, “they have fun and Kate seems happy.” She was certainly smiling in paparazzi shots! Conversely, I would also be smiling, if I were finally free of Pete Davidson’s bleach job. At least this new guy can strum out some “Wonderwall.” [People]


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