Justin Bieber Arrested for DUI and Drag Racing

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At around 4 a.m., Justin Bieber was arrested for driving under the influence and drag racing in Miami; according to a Miami Beach spokesman, Bieber “showed symptoms of someone being under the influence of drugs or alcohol” and failed a field sobriety test. TMZ reports that he was also charged with resisting arrest and driving on an expired license. He’s currently in custody, and he’s expected to be booked later this morning.

This has been an exceptionally troubling month for Bieber, who was already in trouble with the law for allegedly causing $20,000 in damages to his neighbor’s house by pelting it with eggs (no one knows how he managed that). When cops raiding his house after the egging, they found what was believed to be cocaine. And, finally, rumors have also come out that the singer is addicted to sizzurp and that his team is urging him to go to rehab.

Let’s hope that this arrest serves as a massive wake-up call (I don’t know how it couldn’t — what he did was so, so dangerous) and that Bieber gets the help he needs. [NY Daily News, TMZ]

Lorde spoke to Rolling Stone about a lot of things, one of which was the way nasty and horrible teens were cyber-bullying her boyfriend James Lowe. Although she originally tried to dismiss the malicious peanut gallery as “the type of people who use the world f——t as an insult” (the worst and most base type of person), she notes that she’s not “completely impervious to insult. I’m a human being.” FUCKED-UP TEENS ON TWITTER: REMEMBER THAT OTHER PEOPLE ARE HUMANS. HOW HARD IS THAT TO MANAGE? [Us]

Courtney Love — who is being sued for libel after tweeting that her former lawyer was “bought off” — stated under oath that she used to be a “computer retard” and thought that she was sending a direct message, not a public tweet. Uh, that sounds like a solid defense, I guess? [NY Daily News]

  • Diddy got Cassie a puppy. [Bossip]
  • Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum did Step Up dancing at a club! Does that mean Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey will do casual Magic Mike dancing if they’re out in public together? Let us pray it does. [E!]
  • Bruce Jenner wants to take his ponytail on Dancing With the Stars, maybe. [NY Daily News]
  • Jennifer Lawrence is NOT engaged to Nicholas Hoult, despite rumors indicating otherwise. You already knew that, though, because she would have texted you or something. [Gossip Cop]
  • Kristen Bell says that Dax Shepherd felt like he was cheating on her during pregnancy sex. [Just Jared]
  • Here’s the infographic of Taylor Swift‘s best friends that you always dreamed of. I really learned a lot. Your education doesn’t end when you graduate, everyone.[MTV]
  • Madonna‘s entourage is distracting people at SoulCycle. Simple unforgivable. [Page Six]
  • Simon Cowell is sooooo worried that Kendall Jenner is going to break up One Direction. The best part of this news bit is that it claims Kanye West apparently invited Harry Styles to the studio to “lay down some tracks.” WHAT WOULD A HARRY STYLES/KANYE COLLABORATION EVEN SOUND LIKE? [ONTD]
  • Andy Samberg went skiing on the streets of New York and we are officially in The Day After Tomorrow. It’s not pictured, but I bet wolves were chasing him. [TMZ]
  • Snoop Dogg posted a picture of his breakfast, in which his fruit platter and weed platter rivaled each other for grandness. [Billboard]
  • Anne Hathaway has discovered that people in the Brooklyn music scene literally don’t care about anything and thus she can go incognito there. [Page Six]
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