K-Pop Twitter Is Not Here to Let People Snitch to the Cops

K-Pop Twitter Is Not Here to Let People Snitch to the Cops
Protesters gather in front of Dallas City Hall in downtown Dallas, Saturday, May 30, 2020 Image: (via AP)

Organizing mass protest and action requires coordination, cooperation, and community assistance. Take, for instance, K-pop Twitter’s quick work crashing a Dallas Police Department app encouraging Dallas residents to rat out protestors.

Consequence of Sound reports that on Sunday, Dallas PD asked Twitter followers to send “video of illegal activity from the protests”—ones that erupted nationwide over the death of George Floyd—to their iWatch Dallas App. This is an obvious call to snitches, one Black Lives Matter supporters loudly decried, and K-pop stan/ally @ngelwy mobilized the forces, tweeting, “DOWNLOAD THE APP AND SEND ALL YOUR FANCAMS!!! SEND THEM ALL!!! MAKE THEIR JOBS AS HARD AS POSSIBLE!!! GET THEM FRUSTRATED!!! MAKE THEM TAKE DOWN THE APP!!!”

It, uh, worked.

Snitch app down!

Incredible power.

.@ngelwy has since deleted the tweet and urged followers to ditch the app, lest they give Dallas PD access to their personal information. Still, keep in mind: snitches get fancams.

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