Kanye's Twitter Is Intolerable, And He Must Be Stopped


After keeping a pretty low profile for the past 11 months, Kanye West joined Twitter yesterday and is doing to his followers’ timelines what he did to Taylor Swift at the VMAs—hogging the mic.

The nature of Twitter and its 140-character limit lends itself to banality. Because of the timeline feature, users can enjoy a mix of needless updates from the pool of the people they follow. However, because of Kanye’s enthusiasm for the medium, he’s been dominating everyone’s timelines with his Tweets about being rich and doing expensive things. In the past 24 hours, Kanye has posted nearly 100 Tweets. Let’s break them down:

7 Tweets about flying on a private jet.

3 Tweets about Lanvin.

15 Tweets about interior decorating, including his inspiration…


And cereal bowls.

11 shout outs to media outlets (not including links to articles written about him today).

1 Tweet about a luxury car.

1 Tweet about a luxury horse.

6 Tweets about his clothing and accessories.

Several Tweets quoting himself or referencing quoting himself.

And countless Deep Thoughts:

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