Kardashians Just Signed a 4 Year Deal With E!, Are Never Going Away


The Kardashians aren’t going away any time soon. The brood has just signed a four year deal with E! that will keep them in teetering heels, expensive face creams and hair extensions until the next gang of high school seniors graduate from college. Happy Black History Month.

Kris Jenner, according to Page Six, brokered the “record-breaking” deal for $100 million, which doesn’t include Bruce Jenner, who’s said he’s quitting the Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality show.

Jenner’s new deal includes KUWTK as well as jaunty spin-offs like Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons. Kris might be mulling over a YouTube channel where I assume you’d just watch the women, and Scott Disick, toss their hair around and wait for Tyga to come pick up Kylie as friends. Elsewhere Kim is expected to produce new shows—by new shows, I’m sure they mean siblings for North West—Khloe’s expected to continue hosting for E! and Kanye West will keep up his guest star role on KUWTK, though the latter is not detailed in the deal. Here’s the kicker:

E! also has an eye on future vehicles for the youngest generation of the Kardashian clan. Kendall has quickly risen to become one of the world’s top fashion models. Kylie has had success in modeling and TV hosting, but wants to become an actor.

We may never be free. Oh, and now we know why Khloe came for Amber Rose when she wasn’t called, the Kardashian Klan should send Amber Rose her fee for helping them close this bit of business.

ps. Without so much as a mention, is Rob Kardashian officially the new “poor Michelle”?

Image via E!

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