Katie Holmes Serves Prim and Proper Justice in Miss Meadows


In the trailer for Miss Meadows, Katie Holmes serves gun-toting vigilante justice all over a small town. Between shots of Meadows teaching children about courage and murdering bad guys, one line delivered by a male voice-over caught my ear; “Personally I’m not buying that a woman is pulling all this off.”

Don’t these characters watch Snapped, aka the best show on television?

Holmes spoke to The Wrap about Miss Meadows, which debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival.

“I thought it was a really quirky story and one that a lot of people could really connect to, along with this character,” she told The Wrap earlier this year. “She’s a schoolteacher by day, but she also believes in being this vigilante and hurting those people who hurt children and others in society. It’s a bit of a stretch to take on a character who does this, but she’s also funny and I thought the script had a lot of charm.”

Miss Meadows, Dexter with a chalkboard.

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