Kehlani Returns With a Powerful Image of WOC Joy

Plus Doja Cat and Tyga flirt, Leikeli47 hits the runway, and Lil Durk interrupts Lucky Daye's flow.


HELL YES: Kehlani, “Little Story” – Whatever storybook Kehlani’s story is written in, I want to read it. What I love about the opening scene of Kehlani’s self-directed “Little Story” is the various women of color reading books and the line, “We got one hell of a story/You’re a hell of an author/I swear I’ll leave you at the altar/Working on being softer.” Such a mundane task, yet powerful image of WOC joy. That line, like a window into my own diary, made me feel seen– especially as a Black woman who also hopes to pass down a beautiful legacy to future generations. The juxtaposition of hard and soft— the white flowing dresses, flowers, and wind, mixed with the black leather jacket, metal stairs, and fire—lets me know Kehlani gets it. The message: We women are so multifaceted and complex. The electric guitar and violin felt like a soothing lullaby whether to herself, to a lover, or to her child. It’s really the POC joy for me. I’ll definitely be replaying this again and again. —Khalisa Rae Thompson

I don’t see why not: Tyga and Doja Cat, “Freaky Deaky” – This neo-easy listening duet between Tyga and Doja Cat, at minimum, stands as a reminder as to how infrequently sex is portrayed in pop music as playful. Doesn’t get more lighthearted than referring to horniness as “feelin’ freaky deaky!” Here’s a bubbly track—the picture of a “bop”—that works despite the rather blatant partner mismatch at hand. Doja coos the hook and raps a verse, while the effect of Tyga’s sing-song delivery is monotonous despite itself. She’s doing all the work here! —Rich Juzwiak

Y: Leikeli47, “BITM” – Brooklyn-based rapper Leikeli47 adopts a cool delivery over a brooding, skeletal house beat for “BITM,” which stands for “Bitch, I’m the Man.” It’s silent-assassin smooth track. The video features footage from a recent Brooklyn show, as well as the OTA Ball. It goes to show that “BITM” is fit for the runway…and beyond. —RJ

N: Lucky Daye featuring Lil Durk, “NWA” – I was good until Lil Durk’s verse:

I want my bitches to shine, I’m not lyin’
They don’t be wastin’ my time
Double cup ice, I ain’t drinkin’ no wine
Bitches I fuck only smoke weed, no lines
Bitches I fuck from the back, only in the spine
Told me she’ll take my cash, she a Gemini
She got a fetish (She got a fatty)
I could understand why them niggas get jealous
100K cash in the store ‘cause I let her
I just bought a green Birkin bag, color relish (Green)
A top tier bitch too big to do a telly (Too big)
I went too deep, she was holdin’ her belly
I like havin’ sex, when I pull out, I don’t smell it
She wanna tie the knot, then tell her I’m ready

This is no “Candy Drip,” but I mean, we love Lucky Daye because he’s the ultimate vibe setter. His latest single, “NWA” is nothing short of a vibe. What I hear Daye saying is he’s just trying to chill, ride out, and kick back on the weekend, and here folks come killin’ the mood. Well, that’s how I felt when Lil Durk’s verse turned the corner and tire-screeched on the party Daye and I were having. Nothing’s worse than hearing a bop and then having to stop bobbing your head because the verse is full of misogynoir. It’s a no from me, dawg. —KRT

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