Kell On Earth: 3 People Fired In 1 Episode


On last night’s episode, People’s Revolution fired an assistant for drinking on the job, Stephanie V. got the ax soon after, and then their replacement was canned hours after being hired, for Tweeting about being in the office.

The tone was set at the beginning of the episode, when Kelly—who was wearing a muumuu (which, BTW, I love)—observed Stephanie and Elide fucking up and said, “I just want to make this really clear about seniority here. I see a lot of girls that are like, dressed pretty…and I see the senior team really, really struggling. You seem real happy and healthy and we don’t. And it should be the other way around, frankly. You guys should be the tired ones, and we should be on our way to lunch.”

Later, the company hosted an event in the Hamptons for one of its clients, and Elide and Stephanie got drunk on the free booze. After that, Page Six reported that someone broke into the booze supply at the party and stole a bunch of it. It turned out that the thief had a connection to Elide. Ultimately, Kelly didn’t want to fire her, but left the decision up to Robin and Emily, as she was taking her daughter to a Jonas Brothers concert.

On the way to the show, Kelly explained the situation to her 7-year-old daughter.

And then Elide was fired.

Stephanie V. totally knew she was in deep shit, so she actually approached the senior staff, told them she knew she was about to get fired, and offered to make it easier for them by confronting the situation, and preparing a list of all the things she had been working on, so that someone else could take over. Robin and Emily still couldn’t suppress their frustration with Stephanie, and requested to have a meeting with her to tell her how they feel and to confirm that she was, indeed, fired. I have to say that Stephanie seemed to handle it a lot better than she did any of her clerical tasks, but for some reason, they didn’t want to acknowledge that.

While Kelly and the rest of the senior staff were in London for Fashion Week, they left it up to the assistants to hire replacements for Elide and Stephanie. They ended up offering the job to one of the girls they interviewed, but then immediately fired her after they discovered that she’d been Tweeting about her experience in the office.

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