Kick-Ass Lady Longboarders Carve Their Way Down A Mountain


Upon first watching this video of Madrid’s Longboard Girls Crew, we were impressed by the collective skateboarding skills of this girls-only group. But when we looked into the LGC’s purpose, we grew to love them even more:

“Talented female skaters have been practicing and competing at a professional level since the 1960’s, yet the sport still continues to be plagued by the usual gender stereotypes. [We were] tired of being always a minority in male dominated crews, understood that something had to be done to fill a void existing within the world of longboarding: an international female longboarding community.”

With an ever-growing membership, worldwide events, and over 23,000 fans on Facebook, this encouraging community for female athletes is certainly something to be proud of. Kinda makes us want to learn how to glide effortlessly down treacherous mountains, too.

[Longboard Girls Crew via TDW]

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