Kids React to The Sheer Terror That is Teddy Ruxpin


Remember when Santa brought your friend Julie a Teddy Ruxpin for Christmas and didn’t bring you shit and when you talked to Julie about it she said “well maybe Santa just loves me more” and you had to tell that little brat that actually Santa doesn’t exist and she’s just a spoiled little monster? Anyway, watch some of modern youths be astounded by what a piece of garbage one of the most coveted toys from our childhood is. Kids today!

Also, that bear is terrifying and I have no idea what the hell any of us saw in it or why we would want it. When you have kids you should show them this video around Christmas and then explain that with the kind of toys you had to look forward to, they should be lucky you’re giving them a shiny red ball and not a fucking animatronic bear set to KILL STAB KILL.

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