Kim Kardashian All Lives Matter-ed a Palestinian Protester

Kim took her private jet to Germany after the Met Ball to speak at some kind of tech conference, where she responded to a Palestinian protester chanting "Free Palestine" by saying "Free Everybody." 

Kim Kardashian All Lives Matter-ed a Palestinian Protester

On Tuesday, Kardashian was a guest speaker at the OMR Festival in Hamburg, Germany when a Palestinian protester interrupted the talk and Kim basically pulled an “All Lives Matter” on them.

In footage from the event, Kardashian is seated onstage with Kara Swisher and German TV host Kai Pflaume when a woman in the audience stands up and starts shouting “Free Palestine.” As security walks over to escort her out, Plaume says “Sorry about that” while Swisher responds, “It’s OK, it’s happened at every event I’ve done recently.” I wonder why?!

Then everybody on stage and in the audience just kind of hangs out quietly while security walks the protester out of the conference hall. I add this detail because I want to emphasize how easy it would have been for Kim to continue saying nothing. Instead, she says, “Free everybody,” which Swisher follows up with an even more needless “Yeah, free speech.” Powerful.

I don’t really expect much self-awareness from celebrities, least of all Kim, but I’d love to put the irony and Kim’s level of tone-deafness in the harshest possible light here. As of April, at least 34,000 people have died in Gaza as a result of Israeli attacks but as a headline from Wall Street Journal recently noted, authorities have lost count of the death toll. Meanwhile, Kardashian walked the Met Gala carpet on Monday in a custom couture look from John Galliano’s Maison Margiela then took her private jet to Germany where she was reportedly paid over $700,000 to speak about how many millions she’s made from SKIMS.

“I sympathize with the people of Israel and with those in Palestine. I sympathize with everybody,” Kardashian later said, according to the Daily Mail. “All we want is for everyone to feel safe and free.” Thanks Kim! Where the fuck is Kourtney to tell you, “Kim there’s people that are dying,” when you actually need her.

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