Kim Kardashian did NOT give North West the Shirt JFK was Shot in

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Kim Kardashian did NOT give North West the Shirt JFK was Shot in
Kim Kardashian and North West Image: (Getty)

I can’t believe we’re living in the timeline where I’m actually required to type out the sentence that follows this one, but it appears as though 2019 will not go quietly into the night and leave us without at least one more bizarre story involving team Kardashian. Kim Kardashian did not gift her daughter North West the shirt John F. Kennedy was shot in as a Christmas Gift.

When Refinery 29 originally reported the story, citing a doctored Instagram post which was tweeted out to make it look like Kim had posted it, they raised the questions “What is North West going to do with JFK’s bloody shirt? And why isn’t it in a museum?” While we might never know the answer to the former question, the second one is certainly Googleable, and had it been looked into it might have saved us all some time.

Kim herself even took to Twitter after catching wind of the story, clarifying “I did not get JKF’s shirt. That is a sick joke that someone tweeted as a fake ig story that I never posted.” Well, there you have it folks. Blood facials? Maybe. Bloody Christmas gifts? Absolutely not.

Listen, there are a lot of ridiculous stories to come out of the Kardashian family. This month alone we learned that Kim would be wrapping her family’s gifts in some beige jersey fabric that looks similar to the sheets I had on the bed in my freshmen dorm room (although I’m sure with a slightly different price point). Kim even gifted North West a jacket previously owned by Michael Jackson this year. It’s clear the family has a penchant for acquiring one of a kind items — those items just don’t happen to be clothes former US Presidents were assassinated in. [Page Six]

The holidays are a beautiful time to relax and recharge, and spend some good old quality time with your family. They’re also an incredibly unifying moment for those of us who need to relax and recharge both before and after the aforementioned family time. However, while most of us are ducking away to a Starbucks or a 24-hour Diner to escape our families, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan flew to another continent to get away from it all with their kid, Archie.

The Prince and Duchess took off to Canada, meeting up with some friends and apparently the Duchess’ mother once there (so I guess maybe not an entirely family-free affair?). After having spent a large and very public chunk of the past year fighting with the British press over their coverage of Meghan, not to mention all of the other issues currently plaguing the Royal Family, it makes sense they’d like some time alone. But really, Canada with the in-laws? Not to question the Prince and Duchess here, as I’m sure they’re tired of the scrutiny, but next time you need a getaway might I suggest ditching the kid and the family all together — and if you need any suggestions I know a few secluded Starbucks in the States you might check out for a few hours respite. [Us Weekly]

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