Kylie Jenner Is High as Fuck: Could She Be High?


Multiple outlets are reporting today that Kylie Jenner may have been high recently. The video that led them to such a wild theory was allegedly ripped from Jenner’s Snapchat and has since been posted on multiple fan Instagram accounts. In it, the 17-year-old says, “I’m high as fuck,” and takes a bite of some kind of tan food—perhaps chicken, perhaps a biscuit, certainly delicious.

After viewing the video of Ms. Jenner whispering, “I’m high as fuck,” People speculated that she may, in fact, have been high.

The Daily Mail, however, isn’t quite sure what to make of it.

Neither is the Mirror, but they’re concerned nonetheless.

So was Jenner high as fuck when announcing to her Snapchat followers that she was high as fuck? And was she eating chicken, a biscuit…or something else? Questions for the ages, my friends. Or at least the next few hours.

Images via Giphy/Instagram/Screengrab.

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