Kylie Jenner Plans on Opening a Cosmetics Store and It's 'About to be Lit!'


Throngs of teens and some adults who want lips like Kylie Jenner have purchased her Lip Kits and so we’ve arrived at this point: Kylie is looking to open a physical Kylie Cosmetics store.

After starting her beauty career off by selling Lip Kits that aren’t actual kits, Kylie wants to expand her universe and take over the cosmetics industry, as Kris ordained. Which means there will be a Kylie Cosmetics brick-and-mortar shop, in the tradition of her sisters’ famous clothing store that no one ever buys anything from, DASH.

Kylie posted a clip on Snapchat of herself shopping for store locations: “Looking for Kylie Cosmetics stores right now,” she says. And: “Makeup store is about to be lit!” I guess.

Image via Getty

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