Lara Trump Is an Honorary Black Now

Lara Trump Is an Honorary Black Now

If one good thing has come out of the embarrassing mutual thirst between black conservatives desperate for political clout and Trump operatives eager to take advantage of them, it’s that you get moments like this: a very white Lara Trump rocking a “Black Voices For Trump” hat filter on Instagram.

As jarring as this was to see this photo on Lara Trump’s Instagram story (with the message “Get your #Trump2020 Snapchat filters today”), she’s, unfortunately, not pretending to be a representative for The Blacks™. She’s promoting Black Voices For Trump, an organization for black supporters of President Trump.

The group already has the blessing the President and Vice President Pence, both of whom attended the organization’s launch in November 2019. And according to The Guardian, the group has an advisory board filled to the brim of the most obnoxious black conservatives that America has to offer, including a prized favorite that the right loves to trot around: Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King Jr. (A nice reminder a few days away from his namesake holiday, that while King’s legacy of fighting for economic reforms and against imperialist wars lives on for millions, it does not in his niece, who is happy to use King’s name to advance her right-wing agenda.)

But for one glorious caucasian moment, context didn’t exist, and all that mattered was that Lara Trump was wearing a hat filter that said “black voices” on it, and she looked like an idiot. Take me back.

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