Les Misérables Wedding Flash Mob Is Pure Insanity


I’m pretty sure this flash mob was born of a wet dream I had in ’92, the year I listened to the Broadway cast recording on repeat for the entire summer. I had to share because of my precog powers, and because of the big screen clusterfuck that is Les Misérables set to crash into theaters on Christmas Day.

Do you think the bride and groom are into it? Or are calling the cops under the table?

An aside: Is anyone else reallllly nervous about Anne Hathaway as Fantine? Because, as any child who studied musical theater during middle school and thought she’d one day play the role like no other, Fantine must be able to sing hella good. “I Dreamed a Dream” MUST BE BELTED. This song should give shivers from the top of your head to the tip of your toes — and when it’s over, you should want to rise from your seat and, through tears, vow to avenge Fantine. And if the performance warrants it, you will also probably shake your fists at the heavens and hysterically sob, “Why, God? WHY MUST YOU TAKE ALL OUR ANGELS!”

I love Anne Hathaway as much as the next citizen of Genovia, but I really wish they’d cast someone who could sing the shit out of that song. And still, Fantine suffers.

[Also, just FYI, Les Mis flash mobs are not unusual. That is all.]

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