Let us honor the fallen.


Ever eager to advance the story, The Sun brings us the tale of THE CURSE OF THE PLAYMATES! Stop yawning, you at the back.

“Anna Nicole Smith is one of 25 women who met an untimely death after stripping naked for the mag’s centre pages. Three Playmates have been murdered, four have died from overdoses, four were victims of car accidents, 12 died from illness including cancer, and one died in a plane crash.”

Fair enough, although as former Playboy ‘lovely’ Pat Sheehan, who dated Elvis you know, died last year at the age of 74, we kind of feel she had a good run. And at 69, surely Betty Blue – once married to adult film director whathisname – didn’t have THAT much to complain about when the grim reaper called. Or even ’38DD’ Jean Cannon, who reach 64 before breathing her last.

But whatever. Never let the facts get in the way of a good curse, eh? And there are plenty of other tragic sordid porn star deaths to prop it up. Not least dear old Anna Nicole herself.

Now if we could just get Paris Hilton to reconsider that Playboy cover……

[click here for dead pornstars]

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