Let's Shop For Sweaters in the 1940s


Spring has sprung, and here at the HQ it’s too mild for a coat and too cool for a blouse. Adorable short-sleeved sweaters are the answer.

I don’t know what a simulated hand-knit zephyr is, but I know I want one. Which one do you want? Anybody willing to splurge $3.98 on their “finest fluffies”?

Image on the left via What I Found; image on the right via My Happy Sewing Place.

Color-spice with smart novelty styles:

Via Tuppence Ha’penny Vintage.

The Sears scans above are from 1938 and 1939 — who can resist smart gay colors and a double collar with pearl-like studs? Certainly not the poodle.

Via My Happy Sewing Place.

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