Levi Johnston Speaks, Meg Whitman Runs & Mama Biden Rests


Levi Johnston appeared on Good Morning America this morning and said he loves his kid, had been expecting to marry Bristol since they were freshmen and needs to mature more before getting married.

(Confidential note to Bristol: guys will pretty much say this “I’m not ready yet” thing to you the rest of your dating life.) Also, Sarah Palin didn’t pressure Levi to marry her daughter, at least not any more than she pressured people to buy some damn Girl Scout cookies this weekend. [ABC News, People]

Dick Cheney thinks that Rush Limbaugh is totally awesome. Dick from Cheyenne, a proud Dittohead. [AP]

Everyone just noticed that AIG took its bailout money, sent it abroad to other banks and paid huge bonuses to people. And by “people,” I mean the government that was supposedly providing oversight and the media, which is supposed to provide a check to the government. Nancy Pelosi’s vowing to get the money back, even though she probably can’t, and Barney Frank thinks people should be fired, but he doesn’t have that power either. So, you know, business as usual. [Politico, Politico, Politico, Huffington Post]

Obama reassured the Chinese that they will definitely get the cool trillion we owe them. Then he banned downer cows from the food supply. There’s totally a joke in there about buying any more Treasury bonds in this downbeat economy. [NY Times, MSNBC]

Dana Perino says the recent resurgence in the Dow is all because of the Bush Administration. The downturns in the Dow in the last 2 months since Obama took office are still Obama’s fault though. [Huffington Post]

Norm Coleman will continue protesting the results of Minnesota’s Senate race, at least until the now-muzzled Michael Steele is ousted from his perch at the RNC and Coleman can take it over. He never really wanted to go back to Minnesota anyway. [The Hill, Think Progress, Marathon Blog]

Mama Biden is in the hospital. [AP]

And former eBay CEO and McCain adviser Meg Whitman is running for governor of California by dressing up like Ronald Reagan. [Fortune]

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