Levi Johnston's Sister Will Appear In Playboy


Every member of the Palin and Johnston clans must have his or her moment in the sun, and now Levi’s sister Mercede is claiming hers by posing nude for Playboy.

According to Us Weekly, Mercede (above, center) will take it off for a four-page spread in the magazine’s September issue. This seems like pretty prime real estate for the sister of the ex-fiance of the daughter of an ex-governor, but I guess the softcore giant isn’t what it once was. In any case, the Playboy appearance is an opportunity for Us to revive the endlessly fascinating Mercede-Bristol feud.

Mercede is apparently angry about Bristol’s portrayal of Levi in her new book, and has taken to her blog with various criticisms. She claims that Bristol didn’t lose her virginity to Levi while blackout drunk on a camping trip — an account that have led some to ask whether she was raped. She says the couple had already started having sex months prior, that the sex on the camping trip was consensual, that Bristol wanted to get drunk, and that she was a big slut anyway (“Levi never liked her to drink since it just made her more promiscuous”). All of this is pretty uncomfortable, especially when Mercede starts making baseless generalizations about rape victims, like, “I have never even heard of a single case where a girl continues to date her rapist for years, while enjoying an active and consensual sex life.” Luckily, Mercede probably won’t be discussing sexual assault in Playboy. And hopefully her family has all but outlived its fifteen minutes and will soon return to obscurity. Maybe they could take the Palins with them?

Confirmed! Levi Johnston’s Sister Mercede Posed Nude For Playboy [Us Weekly]

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