Listen to 'Forget,' Marina and the Diamonds' Gorgeous Return to Form


Marina and the Diamonds is best known for a glitzily yearning, high-drama brand of cinema-pop—Hollywood infected my brain; Primadonna girl, fill the void up with celluloid; etc—and the deep tumult of her vocals as well as the conceptual stylization of her general vibe can alternately serve and obscure her tremendous instinct for a complicated pop melody. Take “Obsessions,” her keys-driven debut, its leaping confessions and ruminations:

With her new album Froot, out March 16th on Neon Gold Records, Marina’s playing this songwriter’s card a little more. She’s been releasing tracks one by one—”I’m a Ruin” is a real standout—and this latest one, “Forget,” is a beautiful, worn-in, midtempo track, with Marina reaching the balance of assertion and vulnerability that marks her sweet spot.

(A little-known fact about Marina: she’s actually sisters with Charli XCX.) (According to her.)

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