Looks Like Meryl Streep's Gonna Get Another Emmy!


Big Little Lies 2: Keep Lying is happening, with your best friends Nicole, Reese, Shailene, Zoe, Alexander, and Laura returning. But in case all that star power wasn’t enough, they had to go ahead and add Meryl Streep into the mix.

Vulture reports that Meryl has been cast as Perry (Alexander Skarsgard, a dead man)’s mother and per the cast breakdown, will be playing Mary Louise, “concerned for the well-being of her grandchildren following her son Perry’s death,” and looking for answers. You remember Perry? Alexander Skaarsgard? The character who was pushed down a flight of stairs and left for dead at the end of the show’s perfectly soapy and FUN first season, but is still returning for more? Christ!

Great news for Meryl, though, and even better news for depictions of wealthy white women holding glasses of white wine and squinting incsrutably into a blazing West Coast sunset. Meryl’s gonna win an Emmy for this, you mark my words.

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