Maine, Let Your Sea Goddess Vape


Maine’s annual Lobster Festival has come and gone and, with it, the crowning of the Sea Goddess. Taylor Hamlin of South Thomaston received this year’s honors at the Rockland ceremony on August 1, only to be stripped of her title a day later after an anonymous narc sent photos from Hamlin’s social media to festival organizers.

One of the photos shows Hamlin with a Juul in her hands, the Portland Press Herald reports. Another one, from over a year ago, shows the 18-year-old Oceanside High School grad holding a joint. Festival representative Shannon Kinney said that it’s a matter appropriateness and the kind of image they want the Maine Sea Goddess to uphold.

“Social media does play into these things, and I think it’s important for people to understand that their presence on social media has an impact,” Kinney told the Herald.

Hamlin appears to suspect foul play. “I’m sorry to whoever didn’t receive the goddess they wanted and felt the need to sabotage this amazing thing that has happened to me,” she wrote in a statement posted on Facebook, noting her involvement with her church and greater community. “I will always be this years sea goddess in my heart and hopefully in all of yours.”

We at Jezebel stand with the one true Sea Goddess, long may she reign.

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