Mariah Carey No Longer Claims The Most-Played Christmas Song in Retail


Has Mariah Carey’s festive hit “All I Want For Christmas Is You” seemed slightly less overplayed in stores this season? Well! You’re a very discerning customer because, after two decades, it has been bested by The Shins’ cover of “Wonderful Christmastime” as the tune “that will be played in retail the most.”

According to Paste magazine, Carey’s popular song emphasizing romance-born asceticism has “been the most-played song for the holidays since its release in 1994.” The Shins’ cover of Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmastime” first appeared on the “2012 compilation album ‘Holidays Rule,’ which also featured songs from Rufus Wainwright, The Civil Wars, and McCartney himself.” The former Beatle’s version is ranked much lower on the list curated by PlayNetwork; he comes in at number 17.

The New York Daily News notes that many consider “Wonderful Christmastime” McCartney’s worst song. I’m not sure I disagree. I’m also pretty certain that The Shins, bless them, do not improve upon it. It’s ok guys, you’ll always have Garden State.

To any despondent Mariah fans who may be reading this: fear not, her Christmas hit still reigns supreme at number one on Billboard’s Holiday 100 list. And while we’re here, allow me to share with you my favorite holiday song which I would argue is far superior to all the rest: “Calling On Mary,” by Aimee Mann.

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