Media Outlets Still Obsessed With Obama Girls' First Day


Did you hear? Yesterday the Obama girls completed their first day of school at Sidwell Friends! The Washington Post has all the details:

Sasha was seen carrying a pink, magenta and gray backpack and wore blue jeans and a brown jacket with a hood. Her hair was pulled into two braids.

Not to be outdone, TMZ has an “exclusive”: The lunch menu from Sidwell Friends. Corn chowder! Zucchini bread! Cheese tortellini! And! More from WaPo:

The media did their usual stakeout thing to record the historic occasion. We can reliably report some details, such as: Sasha carried a JanSport Trans backpack with a camouflage pattern of pink, magenta, gray and white camouflage. Attached to the backpack was a turquoise, three-eyed Uglydoll keychain.

Despite the fact that a 2nd grader’s lunch, hairstyle and keychain are “news,” the associate headmaster of Sidwell Friends maintains that everything there is same old, same old: “It’s been a very normal day, the first day after winter break,” Ellis Turner tells the Post. “Nothing special was prepared for any of our students.”

Still, what happened while the girls were at school? Write Richard Leiby and DeNeen L. Brown for WaPo: “We assume that some sort of teaching took place. Also, discreet gawking.”

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