Michelle Obama Pops By Funny or Die to Remind You to Eat Your Veggies

Michelle Obama is taking a page from her husband’s playbook, making a Funny or Die cameo to remind everyone to please eat the occasional apple, rather than living on a diet of prepackaged vending-machine garbage.

The video spoofs the seemingly endless string of interchangeable dystopian flicks targeted to teens. Chloe Grace Moretz appears as the One True Special One, who survives the snackpocalypse because she’s different and eats the occasional celery stick. (It’s a parody, but I was on the debate team for five years and I’ve seen what happens when you live on a diet of Dr. Pepper and Sour Punch Straws and it is not pretty.) FLOTUS pops up at the very end, cozied up on the couch with a bowl of carrots:

Sorry, Michelle, but I’m not coming over to watch Frozen unless you’re promising buttered popcorn, at the very least.

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