Mike Huckabee Supports Josh Duggar, Whose 'Judgment Was Not Mature'


Presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, who’s built his political career on moral uprightness and fulminating against the dangers of homosexuality, wants you to know that he’s here for the Duggar family at this trying time. Duggar admitted yesterday to sexually abusing five underage girls as a teenager; Huckabee says the “bloodthirsty” media is the real culprit.

Here’s Huckabee’s statement, which he posted to Facebook this morning:

When Huckabee refers to minors whose judgment is not “mature,” he may speak from experience: his own son has been accused of murdering a dog when he was 17, an allegation the Huckabees deny.

Mike Huckabee, far right, with the Duggar family, April 2004. Huckabee, then Arkansas Governor, named Michelle Duggar “Arkansas Young Mother of the Year.” Image via AP.

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