Miranda Lambert May Have Cheated On Blake Shelton With 2 Different Dudes

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Now that the world has begun spinning again after screeching to a halt with the news of Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s divorce yesterday, the tabloids are all attempting to figure out what the hell happened. What drove them apart? Who drove them apart? People has published a history of their marriage troubles as well as reports that Miranda is “sad and trying to process everything,” but TMZ was willing to go a little further.

They’re reporting that Blake filed for divorce because Miranda cheated. Twice.

We’re told Blake heard rumors Miranda had hooked up with country singer Chris Young and thought it was believable enough to make him suspicious of her…But our sources say Chris was NOT the catalyst for the divorce. It was another guy, who is not a country singer.

And that’s not all:

…We’re told Blake has been very upset in the last few weeks and told her she had to get her animals off his Oklahoma ranch by Monday.

“Miranda. Please pack your animals, and go.”


After boarding a private jet in the Ft. Lauderdale airport, Lil Wayne asked the pilot if he and his squad could smoke “a joint” on board. The pilot said absolutely not, but immediately after they lifted off, Wayne lit up. Then the pilot was all, “I’m gonna turn this plane around!” and—would you believe it?—he did! He actually turned the plane around. They were back on the ground 17 minutes after takeoff.

After landing, Wayne allegedly sipped a little sizzurp while figuring out his next move.


Miley Cyrus is hosting this year’s VMAs and this is how she announced it:


  • A fan filmed Miranda Lambert crying onstage just days before divorcing. 🙁 [Us Weekly]
  • St. Vincent and Cara Delevingne broke up. 🙁 [THL]
  • We Are Out Of Ideas: Xena might be rebooted. [People]
  • Bristol Palin has a baby bump! Sort of? Not really. [E! Online]
  • GMA introduced Jake Gyllennhall by playing a Taylor Swift song. Was it a mistake? Was it intentional? Do they still have bad blood? [E! Online]
  • Here’s Nicole Kidman doing a Tweety Bird impression. [Vogue]
  • Here’s Nick Jonas in chains. [ONTD]

Note: This piece’s headline originally mentioned allegations that Miranda Lambert cheated with two country singing dudes. One was a country singing dude; one was just a regular dude. We regret the rumored dude conflation.

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