Miss Michelle Visage, Girl, Where Have You Been!?

Miss Michelle Visage, Girl, Where Have You Been!?

When Madonna pierced Michelle Visage’s heart with that enchanted dagger and locked her up in a lonely, windowless tower, I really thought she would never again make her debut on the world music stage—at least outside the purview of RuPaul Charles and his branding empire. I was wrong! Her new song is a cute little bop and a half.

Earlier this month, beloved Euro dance-pop group Steps re-released their single, “Heartbreak In This City,” with the addition of Miss Michelle Visage. First appearing on their album What the Future Holds, which dropped in November, it’s hard to imagine what this song was like before Visage graced the track.

I want more of this!

Visage doesn’t have many true hits in her arsenal, but singles like S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M.’s “It’s Gonna Be a Lovely Day” and Seduction’s “Two To Make It Right” stay on regular rotation. This new feature falls in line with the musical DNA of both, while also sounding notably… British… too. Like a Girls Aloud song gone off the rails.


I’m told by the U.K. press this is a “classic” Steps dance routine… so I’ll choose to believe that. It involves lots of two-stepping and synchronized arm motions. At least it looks good in these floor-to-ceiling draped belts Faye Tozer and Claire Richards have on.

Also, they all do, but Visage especially looks beautiful here. Really! The makeup is working for me. How does she keep her hairline so healthy with such a tight ponytail 24/7, I wonder.


So you got your mind made up / Call me on the telephone / I need your love / Kiss my heart and let it glow…

Oh, excuse me—I got a bit distracted.

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